Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is home care?
  • Where do you provide services?
  • What qualifications and experience do you require of your caregivers?
  • What is you hiring process?
  • Are there Veterans' benefits available that can help with the Cost of Home Care?
  • How are your caregivers supervised?
  • How do out-of-town family members stay updated on their loved one's care?
  • How can I verify a shift was completed?
  • What are the costs of your services?
  • Does insurance cover the cost of services?
  • Are your employees bonded and insured?
  • What is the process for signing up for services?
  • Can I change or discontinue the services my loved one receives?
  • Do you provide short term care?
  • Will I have a choice of who comes to my home?

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What people are saying…

We heard of your company through a local source which was heaven sent. I do not think we could have made it without the help of Beehive. The days following the fall were critical to her ultimate recovery and I was frantic. Upon your arrival there was a calm in the air which had been missing in the days following the fall. I guess the answers you gleaned from an interview served to pair my mom with a caretaker suitable to her physical and psychological needs. The latter need is equally as important and often missing in your field. Each caretaker lifted her spirits while providing excellent and thoughtful care.

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Our Process

  • Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation ;needs assessment. We will discuss the needs, concerns, and goals with you ;and your ;family.
  • After ;we understand ;your needs and goals, we ;customize a Plan of Care.
  • We understand the importance ;of ;matching you with a caregiver that will complement ;your personality and have the skill ;set to fit your needs.
  • Our process doesn't end after the care plan is implemented and a caregiver matched, depending on your needs our ;registered nurse ;will typically be visiting ever 2-8 weeks to do a care plan reassessment and caregiver assessment.